Monday, October 13, 2014

Workshop Old Doors Windows and Walls

This September we again meet in the community center every Tuesday morning.  New beginnings after a very long and sad summer.  Decided it was about time to take out the 10 small canvases  30 x 30 cm I bought at a sale a few months ago.

I love old buildings, houses, walls etc.  Found some wonderful images on the Wetcanvas  Reference Image Library..   These were built up slowly using a quite limited palette of my chromatic black that I make from raw umber and ultramarine blue, ultramarine blue, white and yellow ochre.  Worked mainly with the palette knife.  After each layer did a bit of sandpapering. May do it again on these three.... to soften some of the areas.

 Oils on 30 x 30 wrapped canvas
Door and Wall

 Oils on 30 x 30 wrapped canvas
Two Windows
 Oils on 30 x 30 wrapped canvas
Wide Door and Window


Bhavani Krishnan said...

Carol.. These are fabulous. Love the subject matter and textures you have created. Wonderful work.

Carol Edan said...

Thanks Bhavani... I always appreciate your feedback!!!!