Sunday, February 2, 2014

Daily Paintings February # 31

Daily Paintings  February  # 31

Ok... so what's with the 31... well 31 follows 30 and since I did 30 daily paintings in January I am continuing the numbering pattern....too 120 and counting. I did try doing 120 paintings from the result of a webinar with Larry Seiler  at wetcanvas.. but somewhere along the way ...need we say more!!! Decided this month to do more glass....until I get bored...the numbering will be only for the daily paintings and not my on going work that I do at my weekly workshop.

The reference is from WDE events at wetcanvas...

23 x 29 cm oils on gessoed corrugated cardboard.  I toned the canvas with a very dark grey green...done with a palette knife.
Would love feedback and constructive criticism....!!!!


ruth edan said...


Meredith Adler said...

You really made something special out of that reference! I just really think you are doing something special with color. OK,, I won't yell about the cardboard. Is the texture of the cardboard playing a role in the effects you are getting, or is the cardboard just serving as something to put gesso on?

Carol Edan said...

Thanks again! Cardboard....I think its bit of both.. An easy format available and adds to the texture. Also I found myself more at ease ...also canvases are 12x12
Heleni always wants me to take advantage of the textures of the format....also used paper towels and wipes

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Carol Edan said...

Thanks Ruthie

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Carol Edan said...

Thanks Bhavani... had a problem with the background... it was becoming too busy so wiped it with some paper toweling LOL!!!!