Monday, February 3, 2014

Daily Paintings February # 32

Daily Paintings  February  #32

Took a lot of photos of this simple jug this morning from many angles. Had 2 lemons freshly picked on the table so added them for a bit of interest.  The photo I chose had a stark simplicity of the jug against  the white wall, table and patterned tablecloth.   

23 x 29 cm
Oils on gessoed corrugated cardboard

Maybe I should have done it portrait format instead of landscape... have to learn to mix those subtle yellow browns... after wiping the jug down and trying again felt enough fiddling for today.... .

Reference Image

Feedback and constructive criticism....most welcome!!!!


ruth edan said...

Laik it מאוד יפה זה אתגר של חודש חדש

Meredith Adler said...

Sometimes the simplest appearing things are very difficult to paint. I think you gave yourself a very difficult, although lovely, set-up. One thing to think about--with the lemons covering up most of the bottom of the jug, you aren't left with many cues from the jug as to its depth, its shape. I don't mean the painting, I mean the reference itself. The painting is true to the reference. Am I making sense? I guess what I am saying is, there are no ellipses evident to give the sense of form. Perhaps if you cut some slices off the lemon and used those in front of the jar, you would see more of the ellipse of the jar and get more a sense of its form (just a suggestion). Hard to let go of those lemon shapes, did a great job conveying the lemons!!

Carol Edan said...

Thank you Rutie!!!! Love You!!!

Carol Edan said...

Thanks Meredith.... Just got up 6AM and looked at the painting and its not THAT bad,,,, I guess I really am too hard on my self.... and I think its NOT a good idea to post the reference.... the reference is the reference... the painting should stand on its own...that's a mantra that I should keep repeating.... I actually tried very hard to take shots --eye on--- so there would be no ellipses,,,,, the lemons did steal the focus!!!!

Bhavani Krishnan said...

This is very good. I love the fresh colors in the lemon. I see in your google account that you live in Israel? I had the opportunity to visit Haifa for work and I absolutely loved the place.

Carol Edan said...

Thanks for your support. At first I thought the lemons a bit garish... Its mainly lemon yellow from the tube. It mixed with the dark background to green. Yes Haifa is a beautiful city... we live outside Tel Aviv quite near the airport.. I see you are from Oregon,from Facebook, Small world... My daughter visited India 3 times already, she has a yoga studio.