Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 15 30 in 30 Challenge

Leslie's  30 in 30 Challenge

20 x 25
Oil on gessoed cardboard

20 x 25 
oils on gessoed cardboard

Another view of the beach at Ein Gedi ... photo taken on a winter day's... actually it rained a bit which is very rare in this region... calling this a WIP because it really needs some more work on it.. maybe I'll have time before date or not... I doubt it cause its the day I have "baby-sitting duty"  .  Well I did ake advantage of an hour + and am proud of myself for rolling out the table cloth and taking out the paints... fixed horizon and shore lines... and front sand... Too wet to  work but needs tweaking... should I blend more???


Meredith Adler said...

Carol, I hope you hear me in time--look again and consider leaving it alone!!! Post it sign it, frame it, put it on Leslie's blog, it's fantastic!!!!! You could have called this two paintings, I wouldn't have realized it was the same in progress! LOVE what you have done here...I'm proud of you, too. If you call it done, let me know so I can Pin It!

Carol Edan said...

If you say so.! It's done.! I pinned it on the 30/30 board.! Thanks!

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