Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 13 30 in 30 Challenge

Leslie's 30 in 30 Challenge

20 x 25
Oils of gessoed cardboard

Feeling a bit stressed... the work not flowing like it should... interruptions in the daily chores... feel on edge..shows up in my work.... and to top it off blogger is acting up!!!!

This is a view of the the Dead Sea on the Ein Gedi beach.  One of my favorite spots. have not done justice to the variations of the water and the vast hard sand beds with layers of salt... the Jordan hills in the distance...   20 x 25 oils with palette knife on gessoed cardboard.  


Meredith Adler said...

It's a lovely artist's rendition/abstraction...something new with your blog, btw. I cannot see where to comment if there aren't comments already UNTIL I click the heading for a single post. Then the spot to make comments shows up. I have to be in one and only one particular post. Does that make sense? Might not be obvious to your readers, so thought I should tell you.

Carol Edan said...

Thanks Meredith,,,,, You are almost always the first and sometimes the only one that comments..... my friends here are not the computer competent, or whatever.... since this challenge I have had a few.... but that's OK ...will write more in e-mail

ruth edan said...

מאוד יפה. כל הכבוד

Carol Edan said...

Thanks Ruthie!!!