Saturday, April 7, 2018

More Paper Dolls

Remember Paper Dolls Glue and one Great Mess? Well here is the sequel, or sequels I was so glad to see Jen's latest blog post. She wrote about "Notes to myself on beginning a painting - Richard Diebenkorn." Gave me the push I needed to play around more. Especially the chaos bit! We'll see what Reuven has to say.

What I did was throw the digital image into Topaz Studio and play around. Did I tell you that I WON the whole set of pro-adjustments for Topaz Studio! Decided it needed jazzing up! I am happy looking at this because it makes me smile! Topaz Studio is FREE!

Not Sure I've Finished Playing
300 gm gessoed watercolor paper
oils and cold wax
click to enlarge

After Class March 27th

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