Sunday, February 11, 2018

Day 11 30 in 30

Use Leftover Paint 1
7" x  5"
Heavy Paper
Gelli Print + collage
Acrylic painting

After a session of painting, I had these real garish paints leftover, Hansa yellow deep and turquoise green. I hate throwing away good paint, so at 9PM  took out my 5 x 7 Gelli plate and with this result. I used a palette knife to spread the paint. Made 2 prints of turquoise and then spread the yellow and put that over the green. 

Gelli Prints
Yellow on Green
Stage I

Stage II
Added some collage pieces. 

Stage III
Mask I

Stage IV
Masks II

These masks were painted with acrylics to clean edges and fix mottled areas, which is part of the process, the final piece was finished.

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