Monday, February 5, 2018

Outside and Inside

34 x 51
350 gm watercolor paper gessoed
oil paints + cold wax

Every painting has a story. Some are self-evident and some more concealed. The story behind this painting led me to explore religious belief and dress customs. I travel almost weekly on Wednesday to Jerusalem to help and visit my daughter that lives in a Moshav in the Jerusalem area and return on Thursday morning.  One morning a mother and her two daughters came on the bus dressed completely in black robes. Who were they, they didn't look Muslim and they were not nuns. As soon as they took out their small prayer books did I  recognize them as Jewish.  I had never seen this type of costume before. I took a fast photo of one of the young girls.

There are many outward signs of religious beliefs in all religions telling us what they believe in. Young married woman Muslim and Jewish with headscarves, men, and boys with tallits and kippot.
Priests Monks and Nuns. On the buses and trains women and young girls reading from various prayer books. They are taught at an early age that one should waste time on things not important and should always be studying. The photo of a girl reading was taken from a video.

 Not everything on the outside is true on the inside. 

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