Thursday, February 8, 2018

All the Best to Riva

Introducing Riva Rasin bat (daughter) of Braine and Joseph Rabinowitz

This morning at my workshop we had a real treat. Riva put up here series of political portraits that she has been working on. They are all marvelous and the whole group together makes a very strong statement. I thought that I would introduce you all to some of the artists that are part of my painting workshop every Tuesday morning. Not only did we enjoy the paintings but Reuven gave a critique.

One of the interesting things that Reuven said was that when we are working on a series of paintings we should also have in our mind's eye of how these paintings would be shown on a gallery wall. With Riva's first way he suggested that she should make them closer to a more mixed up fashion. He was correct as you will see in the photos I took.
(kohl hah-kah-vohd; Literally: All of the respect.)
You can use this little phrase when you want to say all right, way to go, or a job well done. Kol HaKavod!
Riva Rasin

First Layout

Second Layout

Trump  Menachem Begin
Golda Meyer

Top: Bibi Netanyahu  Ben Gurion
Bottom: Moshe Shamir   Reuven Rivlin

Moshe Dayan  Shimon Perez  Bibi Netanyahu  Itzhak Shamir

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Except for Trump, who acts as if he is President of Israel, all are well known political figures in Israel. Riva has made a strong statement with her series and of course, there was a lively discussion.
Reuven, our mentor, says that the more noise pro or con then the artist has succeeded in her statement. 

I will continue to introduce you to my artist friends.

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