Thursday, November 9, 2017

Be Comfortable with Uncomfortable

Lesson 6

"this lesson is getting comfortable with being uncomfortable." Jane Davies

There is a bit of blindness when working with Gelli printing. How the layers of colors react. Where to mask or stencil.  In this lesson, we take a substrate and print one part, then another and so forth using one composition format. Sometimes with a stencil and sometimes a mask and then just color in one area. I was not comfortable with this uncomfortable situation. Did one series of six.  What am I going to do with a mud pile os start?  Not knowing what will come out. With painting, at least with oils, you put down a mark, not what you want, wipe it off. This printing is a whole new ball game.

Tried again the next day after doing some homework painting colors over one another. Did another 12 starts. Don't worry I will be sharing slowly as I bring a few to the next painting stage. 

Don’t try to finish each piece in the
process. Let each thing you do just be
the next step. Stay with it, and don’t
get ahead of yourself.
Feel free to cover up beautiful printed
patterns and textures.
Let some of the pieces be open-ended,
or not finished.
Have fun.  Jane Davies

Wip 01-pt
8" x 13"
Gelli-print + Paint

Gelli-print 01
3 layers

Wip 05 pt
8" x 10"
Gelli-print + Paint

Gelli-print 05
4 layers

After printing the last layer it covered too much so rubbed it off quickly with a wet rag! This one will be a real challenge.

Wip 14 Pt
8" x 8"
Gelli-print + Paint

Gelli-print 05
3 layers

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