Thursday, December 15, 2016

Trying Transformation WIP #1

Looking through my closet where I store some of my paintings, I found 3 that should be either thrown away or be transformed.  I am following Dotty Seiter and her transformations and I am absolutely spellbound, Easily said than done. First, since they were photographed I put them into photoshop to play around with. Bad idea so dropped that option. I have to somehow overcome my fear. It's only a "bad " painting on cardboard and some more paint so what's the big deal!!!!

Decided on using oils with cold wax because the wax makes the oils creamy and allows taking off, scratching extra. So mixed my favorite black paint, ultramarine plus raw umber.

So I dug in spreading the paint with a palette knife. Then scratching away and applying more paint. Feeling very lost and indecisive. I finally a shape caught my eye and developed into more shapes. The paint which isn't quite dry can be manipulated and also painted over,

Enough spiel!

37 x 28 cardboard
Starting Point

First Pass
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Gray clips showing on the top .... not marks Don't know what to think, well I do but won't say! We'll see what tomorrow brings...

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