Thursday, September 1, 2016

September 30 x 30 Day 1

Again I am taking up Leslie's challenge.  Maybe taking on more than I can chew because of health issues and my intention of combining  photography and my sketching. 

My main theme will be tonal sketches of my own references and some from Unsplash.  This was done from one of my references taken from the nearby wooded area opposite my home, I use the term very loosely. A few trees  and a bench where Lilly, my dog, loves to wander and smell to see what's up!!!

Some of my references I will be manipulating in Photoshop to get some double exposure effect and some impressionistic effects.  I will be posting my photos on my Flickr account in an album I will call Impressionistic.

I am using a new sketch pad that I bought which is heavy medium gray smooth paper and will be using charcoal,graphite pencils, white pastel. May use my colored crayons... will go with the flow.
One of the reasons that I chose the format and medium  to keep my work as fresh as possible and not to get into details. 

5 x 7" Sketch on gray paper

One of my workshop friends and artist Neomi Levin is also taking up the challenge.  Neomi's blog.

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