Thursday, September 8, 2016

In Between

Well, there is a first time everything. Writing this on the bus to Jerusalem. Recently installed blogger app that has helped with getting my photos on posts,skipping the PC. But first time texting.
Yesterday first day of  my weekly workshop.  It was great seeing everyone and getting back to the creative zone.

This painting was started last June. A piece of cut of canvas about 30 x 22 cm. Underpainting was done with my oil/wax crayons and medium. Added oils in spite of the fact that Heleni felt it was working. I have a history of overworking. I am going to do another version. Inspiration came from a photo of my front yard. Loved the interesting shadow patterns. Will edit later on PC,can't figure how to configure the text to the left and not in the middle. Duh!
Have edited on the PC looks more normal. Not a good idea to try to write when on a moving bus!!!

Oils on canvas
30 x 22 cm
Entrance to Jerusalem
Sign says Welcome

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