Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Horsha Painting # 1

This is the first of maybe a series of painting that will be based on the sketches that I have done for the September Challenge 30 x 30 hosted by Leslie Seata.

This one was based on sketch # 3, Worked in oils on cut canvas mainly using a palette knife. Found the transition from charcoal sketch to oil paints very challenging. I wanted to capture some of the sketch quality but also have a painterly look. I also added a bit of color to the B&W reference.

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oils on cut canvas
30 x 22 cm

Thought it may be a good idea to post along with the painting the charcoal sketch and the reference photo.  I have a thought about how to further these sketches to paintings, go back to the reference photo as well as the sketch.  Any thoughts appreciated.

Reference Photo
The photo was worked on in PS made into a B&W and made copies on layers that superimposed to get the effect of movement.

Looking at this now, after working in this medium for a few weeks this is definitely one I would do over.

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