Friday, November 7, 2014

Color Exercize Broken Color

A while back I bought the video by Richard Robinson's on Broken Color... I don't recall  doing the exercise or if I did it probably didn't  come out very well.... so I decided today to give it a try.   Rearranged my computer/ painting table so that it would be easier to navigate for painting with my new table easel to the left , my computer screen in the middle  and in front of the monitor my palette and brushes/knives etc.

Fairly happy with the results... not perfect... but I did learn a lot... I scanned it and the colors are not exact.
I am definitively going to try some more and was pleased to see that the oils went on so well on the paper.
The trick is that the added colors on each plane or section are the same tonality.  See below the color and BW version... All in all I am happy... glad that I got a few hours of painting in....

Oils on 8 x 9.5 " heavy brown paper

Here is the BW... The right panel has some colors too bright and light.
Also in the left side some lights...


Meredith Adler said...

I think you got nice depth/dimension and sense of light. How did you scan this if you painted it in oils today???

Carol Edan said...

Thanks! I think the secret is the paper. It wasn't gessoed so it absorbed the oil. Also I used thinned paint. Will try some more on paper.

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