Friday, August 3, 2018

Are We Really in August

This summer is certainly going fast. Last lesson in our intro into oil painting. Our mentor Ariel Asseo,  How to layout the colors on our palette, the importance of putting out all our colors, 2 of each primary, 2 whites and a brown. How to read a reference landscape photo and lots of other tips along the way.

I brought a few photos and chose, in the end, one of the rolling fields of Heval Lachish that I shot. Really miss these views. Views that I see traveling back from Hamai Yoav Spa.

Again working on a heavy gessoed paper that I painted a foundation of burnt sienna in acrylic. I am really enjoying working on gessoed paper.

Oh How I Miss You Hevel Lachish
Oils on Gessoed Paper
20 x 13.75 "

Next week we have a month of "Mixed Media". Not the kind that you are used to like collage, drawing, and painting etc. Asked to bring in unconventional supports. Will keep you informed!

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