Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Trying to Get Good Thoughts

This past month has been a sort of whirlpool. My daughter Yael and family are off on what I call The Grand Trip. They decided to take a half year "time off"! So my thoughts are with them, and thanks to good WiFi we get daily updates.

Also taking care of their 2 house cats! Quite a balancing act with Lily my dog!

Not to talk about what's happening on our Southern border and Northern border. I really need just good thoughts!

Nepal Annapurna Circuit
Reminder about how small we are

Sunset in the Philippines

As for my artwork, well it's been dragging. Haven't really been able to give myself that big PUSH.
I had started a few canvases a few weeks ago and wanted to work on them at home but just didn't get to them except to veil them with a light color. Wanted to make a new start on them and then felt that I completely ruined them. On one I did make a few marks which made it worse. I could give lessons on how to ruin paintings.

After this start, I veiled with a very light yellow and white. Made some marks, mainly dark. Forgeot  to take a photo before work yesterday!

20 x 28 " cut canvas mounted on cardboard
oils  cold wax collage

How I got here I have no idea. Covered it with black, not really black but a mix. Scraping and adding. Collage pieces. Think I will run some filters in Topaz Studio to see a new direction. I like their abstraction filter to simplify shapes. Their conceptual filter sometimes adds a punch of some color outside the range. Have to find a better solution for the righthand side. That was thin nylon with some blue scribbles. and it's peeling off. Critique and suggestions welcome!

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