Friday, January 5, 2018

Cabbage is Not Only for Coleslaw

Running dog, collision, fall, cabbage poultice around my bruised knee,

My rescue dog, Lily, is afraid of rain, thunder, loud noises, you get the picture. She also has found some way to escape the closed yard.  Well since the gate is closed and she can't get back as she as went, she waits at the gate to get back in.  When I opened the gate her happiness is translated into a brisk run around the yard. That morning in full force she bumped into me and down I went. So here I am for 3 days using a cabbage poultice around my bruised knee. I was lucky that's all that happened, and the cabbage works.

 Today I am pain-free, but on the second sort of limped to my workshop class.

Thinking of all my friends and family on the east coast. Stay safe, warm and dry. 

Yellow Wind
40 x 40 wrapped canvas
oils cold wax collage

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