Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Blue & Beige Collages WIP

No need to shop for a better you, or to work overtime to make bigger promises.
Keeping the promises we've already made is sufficient.  Seth Goldin

I feel that my head is splitting. I am working on a writing course through Coursera. Actually, Academic writing, I feel like I am back in college. That's not so bad but research and reading and picking the key issues are taking me away from painting more at home which I miss doing.

 These collages were made last week in my workshop. Cold wax and oils and collage pieces. I am using a limited range of colors. Heleni says they are finished but I feel I can work on them some more, and even if I make mistakes I will take them in my stride. So back to class they go and will go with the flow.

Will prepare more cut canvas as well. May try some cold wax on paper.

33 x 33 cm
Oils & Cold Wax

32 x 35 cm
Oils & Cold Wax

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