Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Rock Face Abstract

I am missing the dynamics of the January 30 x 30. Not jut the painting but also all the work in the background. Photography and post editing, posting the blog and linking up. Anyone else feeling this vacuum?

This has been on the burner for quite awhile, mainly for 2 reasons. The first Heleni thought that it worked in its current stage, and two I was busy with the January 30 x 30 challenge to really tackle it. I felt it was just the beginning and needed more definition.

I finally decided to use a dry media on this work. Oil pastels with medium and without in order to retain the free and spontaneous feel but with not too much overwork. I was pleased with the result and Heleni was as well!

Second Stage
Thinned oils  and Oil Pastel
on gessoed cardboard
35 x 35 Cm

Stage I
Thinned oils on gessoed cardboard
35 x 35 Cm

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