Thursday, June 12, 2014

Workshop Historic House Dining-room

Historic House Dining-room

Many times I plan to take part in the WDE happenings on wet canvas but it just doesn't work out as   planned. I do however download interesting reference photos for further use. this was the case when Lisilk posted on event for May 2nd.  This is the interior of an historical house Li's description.
 The George Adderley House is a historic house on Marathon Key, Florida. It is best noted for being one of the oldest homes in all of the keys that are located outside Key West. Also known as the Bahamian House, the George Adderley House traces its roots back to the 1890s, when the Adderley family migrated to the United States from the Bahamas. The house was built by the father, George. It is made out of Tabby, which is a concrete-like material that is made of burned conch and other locally collected shell. The house was once a part of an early Bahamian settlement. Today, the George Adderley House is operated as a part of Crane Point as a historic house museum.
 Working again with  oils on pressed cardboard.  I did the whole interior plus a small close up of the table.

Oils on cardboard
37 x 52 cm

Oils on cardboard
30 x 24 cm

My New Table Easel

Invested in a new table easel. On the table some cut cardboard formats, some I have painted backgrounds using some of the paints left over from making my color charts

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