Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sketch Marathon June 2014

2014 June Sketch Marathon

Heleni always has surprises up her sleeve to help us out of our creative boxes. Yesterday was no exception.
I usually take group photos of all participants in these challenges but in this time it was impossible because of the time factor.  Heleni collected photographs from various magazines and newspapers which she gave out and we were to do 10 minutes works in any size,format,and materials we wanted. After 10 minutes we passed the photo to our neighbor.  The only stipulation was that the works should be in a finished state.

 After the first round of about 5 sketches we had a break, need coffee and stuff. Then each chose 2 works for a quick general critique. Then we continued on to the next group. The last few were 5 minute sketches. I barely had time to photograph my own work let alone 20 others... These are definitely not works of art but I found this a very good exercise looking at shapes, tones and composition.   Most were photographed with the reference image.

I used mainly charcoal stick with chalk or wax crayons. Paper was regular news print divided into quarter sections 35 x 50 cm.

First Group

Second Group

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