Sunday, May 25, 2014

Project Color Charts

Red Ochre  Maimeri

I have decided that I need to do some color charts.  Every time I start mixing, my intentions to be methodical, I seem to get carried away.  I loose the path and even when I get a really great color I don't know how I got there.  After googling for ideas of a good system I found three that really caught my fancy.

The first was Thomas Baker. He is very amusing and I watched all three videos.  The third was really helpful in how to square out the sections.  I basically used his format for my chart but some other videos also helped me, one by David Grey and another by Pat Fiorello. They are all basically based on the book Alla Prima by Richard Schmid.  A book that will probably remain only in my wish list....

David and Pat  only did 5 values and I ended up with 7 as suggested by Thomas.
So here is my very FIRST serious color chart.  I have done other exercises in color that I am not counting.
I found an old piece of gatorboard and started dividing it to sections.  Used 1/2" masking tape, which I think was a good thing because being not the neatest it kept things relatively clean.

On the left hand side the base color for this chart...... Red Ochre [Maimeri]
On the top the colors for each mixed for that base color. They are not a 50 50 mix because each color has a different staining quality. They mix should tend to be on the side of the base color.
L-R Red Ochre  / yellow ochre lemom yellow/cadmium yellow pale/ultramarine blue/viridian  green/cadmium red/raw umber/crimson alizarin.  All these colors are Daler Rowney Georgian line.  I know these are "student' brand but if I were to use artist brand I wouldn't be painting at all....Total of 9 colors .

Now to make a chart for the other 8 colors.  I found this work very satisfying and very time consuming but well worth the effort. Another plus very therapeutic. .

 Cadmium red

 Ultramarine Blue

 Viridian Green

Yellow Ochre

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