Thursday, May 8, 2014

Haunted by Family Portrait!!!

Required Assignment 2: One Thing and Then Another (Track A)
Live!: A History of Art for Artists, Animators and Gamers  Coursera


Choose an object or an image.
Turn it into something else.
Then turn it back into itself again. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a major project of deconstruction or manipulation. But it could be. Or it could be just a change of context, orientation, or point of view.
Document your process and post the results with a short 3-4 sentence description of what you did.
Some things to think about:

Your object or image can be in two (flat) and/or three dimensions.
You could make the objects or collect them from elsewhere.
Your "process" could be sequential or not.
Your documentation could be a photograph, drawing, digital image or other similar visual element.
Your documentation could be one or several images. (Note: Because of the limitations of the platform and in consideration of your peers, please consider limiting the number of images you decide to include. Between 1 and 6 images should be sufficient for this assignment.)

Haunted by family portrait!!!
I took a family portrait that has bothered me over the years... perhaps it sort of haunted me.  I looked so sad while everyone else is smiling... perhaps I was jealous... my brother getting most of the attention. Well after all is was his Bar Mitzva!!! Maybe cause I didn't like the skirt I wore... my mother had hand painted a rose on it.. So it was time for a little destruction and manipulation...  The painting was  done before the course but I felt it fir the assignment.. The photo manipulation was done in the same spirit. 

Original Portrait

Oils on grey pressed cardboard
Photo manipulation

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