Thursday, November 10, 2016

Extreme Compositions Shape Arrangements 3

Lesson 2

Part 3

In this exercise we are to make compositions using 2 or more shapes plus a line. These can be on a colored background and differ from one another.

Since I am still having difficulties with acrylics I used a simple limited pallete trying various techniques, brayer, credit card, wetting paper. For my shapes and lines used dry media, Caran d'Ache neocolor I wax/oil crayons. All done on 5 x 7 " bristle paper
Background was brayed left over paint that made interesting shapes
Added shapes with crayons
Line think white.. gel pen

Colored background 
Crayon shapes
White gel pen

Gray background with white shape and ochre line acrylic
Square shape crayon
Fine permanent pen 

Acrylic yellow background
Gray circles printed from cap shape
Crayon square
Lines ball point pen

Background acrylic using stencil and print
Circle crayons 
Lines ball point pen

Observations: Feel I still need more practice with these small compositions. Found adding the lines sometimes difficult. have to stop thinking too much. 
Have a few more starts to play with 

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