Friday, November 4, 2016

Extreme Compositions Shape Arrangements 2

Lesson 2

Part 2 

Arrangements of one shape, black, gray, and white, circles. I really tried to work one these more intuitively and take risks. Some were done on backgrounds of black acrylic paint done with a brayer. Left over paints from the previous series. Used mostly dry media, ink intense pencils, watercolor crayons, oil pastels, plus water in some cases blotted with tissue.  All were done on 5 x 7" white bristle. 

Brayed acrylic background
Right oval stenciled with alcohol
watercolor crayons with blotted water

Ink intense watercolor pencil brushed and blotted with water
Watercolor crayons
White gel pen

Brayed acrylic background
Watercolor crayons stencils and masks
White gel pen

Brayed acrylic background
Watercolor crayons stencils 
White gel pen

Brayed acrylic background
watercolor crayons using masks and stencils
water blotted with tissue

Observations:  These came out a bit darker than expected because of the backgrounds. The brayer marks made straight edges which made some square looking shapes which wasn't in the equations.
Love some of the textures and effects, I will have to write down some of the steps to really remember what I did ... or not?

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