Monday, October 24, 2016

Veil of Gray

This was done several months ago on a piece of masonite. Used a piece of netting. Bringing it into class I was told that it was much too busy. It was left aside for a few months and then decided to cover it in gray with a brayer and lift off with  paper, a veiling technique I learned from Dotty Seiter. I had often scraped, sanded,and rubbed with baby wipes but never tried a plain piece of paper. The piece has a lot of texture made by use of a palette knife. The sky looks lighter in real life.

I scraped areas to let some of the color come through, But now looking at the WIP I think I can bring some more color back in,  Another project for another day! Will keep it ins eye view. Appreciate any thoughts or advice.

40 x 30 cm
Oils on Masonite board

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