Sunday, October 30, 2016

Playing with Shapes Extreme Composition

Lesson II 

Part 1

Fall is at last in the air!!! A very short season here. We even had 10 minutes or less of rain. IT still warms up during the day but cooler evenings and we are now off Daylight Savings,, so will get dark earlier. 

Last week went by so fast that aside from working at my weekly workshop, I didn't get to my online course  Extreme Composition 

Explore different techniques for creating simple shapes. Try to find different techniques than those shown in the video.  This is just a page filled at random of various techniques, don't know if I found any really different on but as I go along I probably will.

36 x 28 cm sketchpad
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I mainly used acrylic paint, markers, stamps, stencils, masks to make my shapes. Also tried mono-print, a technique that I really love.  Had fun and learned a lot! 
Now to Part 2 Arrangements

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