Sunday, August 14, 2016

Getting Ready 30 x 30 Challenge

Trying something new, writing using my tablet with the Blogger app. Tomorrow will check it out and see how it looks  and publishes.

Getting ready for the September challenge. After a difficult summer,not over yet. Having dental work, had a very nasty fall, and still recovering. So trying to get back into the creative "mode".
On a visit to a Dr's appointment in Tel Aviv found a really fun shop called Papier. So many papers, pads,sketchbooks, pencils, cards. A real heaven!!! I really didn't need  anything but who could resist buying something. So I bought a small  5 x 8"gray colored sketchbook. Since I also have a hard time using a new sketchbook it has remained unused till I had the brilliant idea to use it for the challenge. I will be sketching with graphite, charcoal,chalk,or crayons trying to use some of my own photo references and manipulations. Much harder than I thought but will try to stick with the plan. Still hard to sit long at the computer because of back pain, if this works I will be able to do this lounging in bed.

PS.Had to do a little post editing on the computer, spelling errors, resizing image etc. Conclusion blogging will be done on the computer... drawing I can do lying down.

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