Monday, September 28, 2015

September 30 x 30 # 28 Market Street Scene

September 30 x 30 # 28 Market Street Scene

This has been a real challenge this month.  As I stated on the post for Day 1 this month is really crowded with events so I decided from the beginning I would do mainly quick sketches  in pencil on a small format 5 x 7 in my 90 grm Canson sketchpad... so I have succeeded in doing the 30 sketches by the 21st of September!!!

By the time this post will be published I will be traveling in Morocco hopefully doing some sketching and of course lots of photos. I still have a fear of sketching in public places which I hope to overcome. Keep telling myself this is a once in a lifetime experience... but also since its a group trip don't know how much time I'll have...

Because this month there are all the High Holidays + Shabbat etc lots of shopping/food preparing/family gatherings along with shopping for my trip which leaves day after Yom Kippor.. So I started early and today finished the last three sketches... scanned and ready for blogging and scheduling... I have mixed feeling about these last sketches but I have to distance myself from them for a fresh view.  Tried to capture the essence of the scene and the tonal patterns. The references for these last sketches are from RIL library at WetCanvas, a really great source for reference images,

Pencil sketch 5 x 7
90 grm Canson Sketchpad

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