Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September 30 x 30 # 1 Old Masters Gallery

September 30 x 30  # 1 Old Masters Gallery

Here we are again..another 30 x 30... by Leslie Seata . Thirty days to promote more creativity painting sketching or what ever...  Shush... don't tell anybody  but I am starting a bit early for several reasons. The first one being that on Sept 25 I will be leaving for 12 days to Morocco... so I want a head start. Second this year the High Holidays are all in September... lots of shopping and preparing and family gatherings that with trip preparations time to create will be tricky.... so this time around, my fourth, decided to do pencil sketches... may add color or may not... will go with the flow. As Leslie states... main rule is to have FUN!!!

This past month I have made several visits to the Tel Aviv Museum... the last was with my 2 grandsons Noam, 10, and Uri ,6.  We rented earphones so that they could follow along in the main galleries... I took a few photos for references.  One of the galleries was the Old Masters... I loved the light patterns in this reference of Noam listening to an explanation.

5 x 7 "
HB pencil + charcoal
90 grm Canson Sketchpad

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