Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Workshop # 54 Potato Field

Workshop # 54 Potato Field

Before going to the painting I want to share a great site that my painter friend Meredith sent me... Savvypainter podcasts.... I am addicted.....very inspiring.... I even painted and listened at the same time. great to be exposed to so many painters and their thoughts and work process.

This another painting from WDE events last November hosted by Wendy aka Sundiver the Potato Field . Decided to post the stages of the painting.. so I can track the WIP.

Oils on 2 30 x 30 cm wrapped canvas using palette knife.... They can viewed as one piece or each as a separate piece.


stage 2
After sanding

stage 1


Bhavani said...

Lovely diptych Carol. I really like how the oranges of the field interact with the blues in the sky.

Meredith Adler said...

I clicked to enlarge so i could really see it well. You have a achieved that special quality of minimalism in this landscape that I love to see. Awesome job. Thanks for the mention, too! And glad you like the Savvy Painter podcast, too.

Carol Edan said...

Thank Bhavani... always appreciate your feedback.

Carol Edan said...

Thanks so much for your wonderful words... you always encourage me...