Friday, February 15, 2013

White Jerusalem - Almond Blossoms

A beautiful walk in the hills surrounding Ora and Aminadav 

A bit of Photography

Almond Trees in Blossom  - Jerusalem Hills

Wednesday... the day  I go to Jerusalem to visit and help my daughter and 2 small boys, Noam 7 and Uri 3.... After we picked them up from school and kindergarten we took a little outing in valley at the base of their Moshav, Aminadav..  Since Tu'Bishvat, Jerusalem hills are covered with a new white... the almond trees are in full blossom. 

Yael and the kids- start of our walk!!!

Its been a while since I really did a photo shoot of more than a few images... but I was overwhelmed at the beauty of these forgotten trees..the weather was perfect... bright skies...can't wait till I download the images from the camera.. hoping that my computer will work....


Will be posting more on my flickr photostream.

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