Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Workshop Oil & Cold Wax

Well after a very hot summer,  September 30 x 30 , a trip to Morocco( I am slowly blogging this trip), I have finally returned to my weekly workshops. The way back to painting has not been easy. I have decided to experiment more using oils and cold wax and painting more intuitively in an abstract manner. Not an easy task. My first project was to paint over a collage that was made when we met for brunch at one of the workshop artists, Traudi.  Thinking back it wasn't the best choice.  Haven't a full image of the collage before I started messing around.

Colored Paper Collage

As usual I took pictures of other's holding their works but neglected to have  someone take a picture of mine. After 2-3 sessions  and making a mess, not really knowing where I was going with this we decided that it was complete.  

Oil & Cold Wax

Traudi with her Creation

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