Monday, July 6, 2015

# 70 Cheeky Chicken

# 70  Cheeky Chicken

We have a free spirited chicken. Actually its not ours but I think originally belonged to  the back neighbor.  She was confined mainly to a coop but one day decided to to venture out into the wider world. His yard didn't have much in greenery so she hoped over the fence to ours.  We named her Bella.  For quite a while she would come on the patio and cluck to let us know that she wanted her breakfast.  She would lay eggs in all sorts of weird places. She would fly up in the trees.  She loves the cat food that we put out for our 5 yard cats and the cats move away from her and let her have first pick.  At first I would give her bread crumbs but then we bought regular feed for chickens ... she rather like the feed for parrots better.

Then she disappeared for a while and we were quite worried... but she reappeared and visits from time to time...  think she discovered the neighbor on the other side. As I said she's quite a free spirit.

Perched on our Jacaranda tree

Did a series on 5 x 7 canvas from some photos I took of her.
Here is the first one.

Oils & Cold Wax
5 X 7 "

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Meredith said...

Love the painting and the story! Very fitting for you to paint a free spirit when that is what you are being with your painting these days!