Monday, June 3, 2013

WDE May 31 2013

Haven't taken part for quite awhile at the weekly All Media events at WetCanvas.  This week Maureen and the moderators put together a great group of images from the RIL..

I recently received  a great gift from Derwent  Art Academy!!! A box of 18 Ink Intense Pencils in a great wooden box!!! So I did one sketch trying out these new pencils!!!

Dramatic Church Landscape
20 x 15 on 400grm heavy stock

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Young girl from Namibian
A4 98 grm sketch pad with an HB pencil... Derwent of course!!!Always looking to improve my portrait sketching. Give this one an 8+!!!

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Meredith said...

Nice, moody atmosphere you captured with the landscape, and fantastic shading and expression on the portrait. I am quite impressed!

Carol Edan said...

Thanks Meredith...Have a lot to learn with the new pencils... they are great!!!