Monday, May 13, 2013

Peek a Boo Double

Peek a Boo Double by Edanim
Peek a Boo Double, a photo by Edanim on Flickr.
I have begun to photoshopping again using Katrin Eismann's book on Masking and Compositing together with my group of PS friends. Rusty with selections and masks...but glad to get back to these skills. Our group started working through Eismann's books on a forum , before the days of social media, but with the help of social media we are still  "in touch". Where else can friends from so many places get together.... We decided to get our creative juices working using both the first  and second edition of Masking and Compositing by Katrin Eismann . I am using the first edition..  I hope to link this new creative window with my actual painting...

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Meredith Adler said...

Gorgeous piece! And how wonderful to have such a supportive group to team up with!