Sunday, September 2, 2012

# 30 WIP for WDE Tractor

This was done for WDE August 31 2012  Hosted by Scatty aka Scattycat

8x8 inch covered cutting board.... this is a WIP work in progress because I will most probably do some scraping on the tractor and re-draw and paint hopefully with better cleaner colors  split primary palette
wet on wet.... about 2 hours....

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Well I should have left well enough alone!!! Lesson learned!!! Finished this with a layer of oil pastels after wiping clean the area of the tractor.  Recently  learned from a tutorial about common mistakes students make.  Don't get emotionally attached... not every piece is a masterpiece... learn to MOVE ON!!!!

. Should have fixed it with oils to keep the strokes fresh!!

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Here is a shot of my recycling boards for these small exercises....

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